trouble saver

Trouble Saver is an app for smart people who would like to help each other in various jobs on a video call using its new features to navigate, point, explain and draw different solutions to troublesome situations.

About Trouble Saver

The Trouble Saver app facilitates a unique two-role connection: the Expert and the Doer. The Doer has the capability to broadcast through their camera, allowing them to share both their real-time view and any on-screen content outside of the app. The Expert, on the other hand, not only can share their screen but is also equipped with the functionality to utilize animated icons. This is instrumental in highlighting or pointing out areas on the Doer's camera view, instructing specific actions. Furthermore, the Expert can draw directly on the screen, clarifying instructions for the Doer. An added navigation feature empowers the Expert to guide the Doer in terms of camera movement or direction. For enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, both parties can access and control the torch on the technician's phone.

use Cases

Sometimes it could take hours to find a specific solution and sometimes you get in trouble trying out things that do not work for you.

House Building Consultation

Home Repairs

Sport Equipment Repairs

Instant Solutions

Facility Management

Emergency consultation

Office repairs and maintenance

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The application is still in the testing phase, so you could only be added to the testing list for now. Get in touch with us for more information and access to the beta version.

what our clients are saying

I tested the app with my friend. It works well and I recommend everyone to take advantage of the beta version.

Vanya Kotseva

Office Assistant

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