How it works

Trouble Saver App is about making your life simpler

Using the Trouble Saver App is easy as a childish game. Here’s how easy it is from now on to fix anything at home or in your working space on your own!

  • men install the troublesaver app

    Make a video with your problem  

  • Open your app and choose the category of experts depending on your trouble

  • Upload your video message as a User

  • Select a concrete trustworthy Expert from all candidates who want to save you

  • man make consultation via troublesaver app

    The User and The Expert should decide how to fix the problem – by sharing screens, following a guide with animated icons, through drawings on the screen, etc.

  • man follow steps troublesaver app

    Use the Expert’s instructions and be the User who can fix anything

  • man done job using troublesaver app

    Congrats – you’ve made it to solve the problem without getting into more trouble.